Reflection: In History

If Aid led initiatives can’t ensure sustainable change at communities then what does? Social enterprises at community level could not only best utilizes the local resources - natural and human, but also could create local job and finance local development particularly through managing basic needs and social security at the community level. This theory of change is even more relevant on contemporary Nepal as it is

  1. at its height of greed on foreign aid, and dependency on underperforming and unaccountable government
  2. a highly multicultural and diverse neighborhoods based country,
  3. undergoing a major sociopolitical as well and economic transformation,

buildNepal journey began with the exploration of communities with potential to emerge as a role model of Nepali township practicing community led sustainable development starting with the already available skills, resources, and investment at the community level. Various interactions during potential townships explorations and early stage engagements at Dhorpatan, and North Kathmandu Townships concluded that buildNepal mission shall facilitate community led sustainable local development through specific township based agencies focused on

  1. sociopolitical upgrades
  2. economic upgrades
  3. ensuring public access to information
  4. creating environment for social enterprises to prevail.

Three Major Achievements

  1. Glocal Township model: Prototype developed, approved by 1000+ executives and leaders, adopted by two townships, North Kathmandu and Taman Khola .
  2. Introduced/Facilitated various locally financed and successful projects such as, Responsible Students Network, Run for North Kathmandu, Open Township mobile app, Dhorpatan Goat farm, and NorthKathmandu Shiitake
  3. Loose Network of 300+ multi-sectoral practitioners and leaders.

Three Major Failures

  1. Incubate 15 social enterprises by 2015, establish North Kathmandu
  2. MDP program launch by 2016
  3. Office Activation

buildNepal Timeline

  • 2009Dhorpatan Exploration

  • 2009Dumre Exploration

  • 2010Presentation at Tourism Ministry Leading to

    NRs 5 million disbursement for Dhorpatan Airport Upgrade Dhorpatan Hunting Licence based policy upgrade that increased government income from flat rate of US $ 500 per licence to e-bidding US $ 12,000+
  • 2010Dolakha Sunkhani Exploration

  • 2011Research to map resources and food security status of Dhorpatan

  • 2011nitiated Program development for Masters Degree on Sustainable Development Practices (MDP)

  • 2011North Kathmandu Township Outreach initiated

  • 2011KrishnaNagar Exploration

  • 2012NorthKathmandu Development Council Formation

  • 2012Kalikot Exploration

  • 2012North Kathmandu Swabalamban Award initiated to link NK residents to vocational trainings

  • 2012Kings buildNepal Fellowship initiated (to promote grassroots social entrepreneurship)

  • 2013Organic Farm at North Kathmandu facilitated

  • 2013Dhorpatan Goat Farm discussion initiated

  • 2014North Kathmandu Shiitake initiated

  • 2014Dhorpatan Goat Farm initiated

  • 2014RSN Club formation initiated

  • 2014Kings buildNepal Fellows hired

  • 2014North Kathmandu Pizza initiated

  • 2014North Kathmandu Entrepreneurs Forum discussion initiated

  • 20141st Run for North Kathmandu facilitated

  • 2014buildNepal board initiated

  • 2015St. Xaviers build North Kathmandu Camps initiated

  • 2015North Kathmandu Earthquake Volunteers facilitated

  • 20152nd Run 4 North Kathmandu facilitated

  • 2015North Kathmandu Data App launched

  • 2016Open Tarakeshwar Campaign initiated

  • 2016North Kathmandu School Quiz facilitated

  • 2016Open Tarakeshwor mobile app prototype developed

  • 2016SDG Alliance initiated

  • 2016Registered

    buildNepal initiatives at CDO office buildNepal Managements at Company Registrar's office
  • 2016Dhorpatan Goat Farm secured government support to upgrade and interest to develop as a resource center.

  • 2017Vote4Tarakeshwor Campaign launched

  • 2017Open Tarakeshwor mobile app v.2 developed

  • 2017Accountable Tarakeshwor Action Research initiated with financial support from Action Aid Nepal

  • 2017Waling Exploration

  • 2017For OpenTowhship App

    Formal contract with Tarakeshwor Municipality Verbal Contract with Waling, TamanKhola, Helambu, and Melamchi Municipality
  • 2017Context Analysis Support Verbal contract with Waling and TamanKhola Municipality

buildNepal Acivities

21st Nov, 2016

RSN Interns Graduates

Aaisha and Bishaka. The two students from St. Xavier’s college, Maitighar second year were placed on internship with buildNepal since the beginning of October.  They were […]
18th Nov, 2016

Introducing e-Learning

Money collected from  deusi bhailo program last Tihar allowed the group to buy a projector and 2 Personal Computers. With additional fundings, buildNepal has started e-learning […]
18th Nov, 2016

Facebook leads to books for community library

By using Facebook, 200 books were collected for a community library in Khunga V.D.C Ward No 2 Maheldanda. This demonstrated the power of using social media […]
18th Nov, 2016

Consultation Meet with Local Leaders of Dhorpatan

Dhorpatan Township initiator, Ganesh Thapa facilitated a consultation meet at taman khola where 29 local leaders from 4 V.D.C’s i.e Khunga, Taman, Bongadovan & BongKhani participated […]
18th Nov, 2016

RSN Interns Graduates

Aaisha and Bishaka. The two students from St. Xavier’s college, Maitighar second year were placed on internship with buildNepal since the beginning of October.  They were […]
18th Nov, 2016

App to be Launched for Open Government Practice in North Kathmandu

buildNepal tech team is working on the development of the mobile application will will be piloted  in Tarkeshwor Municipality, a MOU has been signed between North […]
18th Nov, 2016

2nd Run For North Kathmandu Succeed

“Run For North Kathmandu”, the annual running event initiated to promote the hygienic and aware living,  enhance the positivism and mutual cooperation  among North Kathmandu residents, […]
18th Nov, 2016

Entrepreneurship Promotion : Rabbit Farming Training

To promote the entrepreneurship and encourage people to farm rabbits, a training was provided to 50 families from two communities of North Kathmandu i.e. Chogaun and […]
18th Nov, 2016

St. Xavier’s Camp to build North Kathmandu Continues

The students of St. Xavier’s college are being continuously engaged in building north kathmandu, recently a camp of 1 night 2 days stayed at Nagarjun Higher […]
18th Nov, 2016

Inter School Quiz Contest Organized by RSN and NK2020

In the joint collaboration of NK 2020 team and RSN team, they organized an inter-school quiz contest which is aimed to increase the general knowledge along […]